Civic Addressing Sign

Police, Fire and Ambulance can only help you if they can locate you. Help them to help you, by knowing your municipal civic address (property identification number, Island, street road name, and municipality), and be prepared to provide it in an emergency situation. If you do not know your municipal civic address, please contact the municipality office.

civic addressing  To report a 9-1-1 concern, please contact:

 9-1-1 Signs and Posts
 Installation of New Residential   $100.00
 Replacement Post   $50.00
 Replacement Sign Plate   $75.00

Municipal Law Enforcement Officer 
705-569-3421 ext. 205 
[email protected]

The following types of properties are required to post a municipal number:
  • any property containing a residence (permanent, seasonal or otherwise);
  • any commercial, industrial, recreational, religious and educational property which has the facilities on site from which to report an emergency and/or to which there is a reasonable expectation that emergency vehicles could be dispatched.
  • Properties with facilities under construction.
  • No sign is required for a vacant lot.
  • The Municipality will provide the sign and post at the property owners expense, (plates and posts), but the property owner is responsible for the cost of the signs and the installation thereof.
  • It is the responsibility of the ratepayer to ensure that the posts and number plates are installed.
  • All property owners or occupants shall ensure that the civic number is visible at all times, unobstructed by vegetation, structures, snow accumulations and address shall be clearly visible from the street or from approaching water vessels at all times.
  • For new construction, the 9-1-1- number for a property must be obtained prior to the issuing of a building permit.
  • Where a number plate (sign) is missing or illegible, the property owner shall repair or replace the number plate or numbers immediately.
  • The cost to the property owner for a new or replacement plate and/or post shall be charged at the rate posted in the current user fee bylaw.
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