Posted on 05/05/2022
WANTED: vehicles less than 20 years old for firefighter training. In exchange, we can provide you a tax
receipt between $200 and $500, depending on the vehicle’s model, year, and condition. Depending on
location, we can even arrange pick-up at no cost. Contact Temagami Fire Department for further details
Extricating drivers and passengers at motor vehicle collisions, often with serious injuries, requires
firefighters using specialized tools and techniques to remove the vehicle from around the patient.
With an increased use of lightweight high strength steel & carbon fiber structure components in newer
vehicles, airbags, computer controlled security and alternate fuel/hybrid systems, firefighters need
maintain their proficiency in vehicle design, components and associated extrication techniques.
This program will hopefully facilitate the donation of scrap vehicles for Firefighter training, in exchange
for a charitable donation/tax receipt, ranging between $200 and $500, depending on the vehicle’s
model, age & condition (pre 2002 = $200.00 / 2003 to 2011 = $300.00 / 2012 & newer = $500.
To donate a vehicle to the program, please contact the Municipal office and provide:
• Owner’s name, a contact phone number, owner’s address and the location of the vehicle.
• Year, make, model, and condition
You will be contacted by one of our fire department officers, who will arrange to meet with you to
inspect the vehicle and complete the paperwork required to be accepted for the program.
• Donation must be made by the registered owner, or their legal representative.
• Vehicle must be registered in Canada.
• Vehicle must be in ‘complete’ state with minimal rust (good body integrity/ no missing parts).
• We cannot accept boats, trailers and RV’s.
• We cannot accept vehicles with insurance claims against them.
• We cannot accept vehicles with liens or encumbrances on them.
• We are able to accept vehicles with body damage.
If accepted into the program:
• Vehicle licence plates and any personal items are removed from the vehicle prior to pick-up.
• Vehicle VIN number must be easily readable & match the ownership
• A current photo ID may be requested to verify your identity as owner of the vehicle
• Transfer portion of the ownership signed by the owner, and provided to the fire department.
For multiple ownership, ensure that all persons named have signed it.
• If being picked-up, the vehicle must be easily accessible.
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