DRAFT Strategic Plan

Posted on 08/11/2020

In 2019, Council engaged the Commerce Management Group to act as the consultant as a Strategic Plan was completed for the Municipality of Temagami.  It is hoped that this plan, once adopted, will guide certain decisions for the next decade.

We welcome you to access the Plan and provide any comment you wish Council to consider as they prioritize the implementation plan.

Parts of the plan call for updating our planning documents.  So you are aware, under Council direction, work has begun on updating our Official Plan.  Once our Official Plan has been updated, the Comprehensive Zoning By-Law will also be updated to ensure the two documents work in tandem.  As well, work has begun to update our Asset Management Plan and our Service Delivery Review and Waste Management Master Plan are both nearing the reporting stage (watch for further emails regarding these).

We ask that you please review the implementation plan and provide comments you feel Council should consider when deciding how the Strategic Plan should be implemented.  In addition to comments you may wish to share, please provide your thoughts for the following area.

In the area of economic development, the recommendation being considered is to establish an economic development entity that would guide decisions and form partnerships.  One model for this is to form a corporation with a separate Board of Directors that would operate at an arm’s length from Council and could include on the Board representation from Temagami First Nation as well as interested members of the Public and community groups.  Appointment could be based on an overall skill set desired for the Board.  Operating at an arm’s length could also allow the corporation to act quicker than would be the case when compared to a committee that would make recommendations to Council. 

  1. Are you supportive of the formation of a Corporation to guide Temagami Economic Development?

  2. Do you believe that more attention to economic development is vital for the future stability of the Municipality of Temagami?

  3. What are the top three types of business or service that you believe should be enhanced in the Municipality of Temagami?

  4. Would you be interested in working with an Economic Development Corporation if formed?

  5. After reviewing the implementation plan, other than economic development what do you think should be Council’s area of focus and why?

Thank you for taking the time to read the information and provide your comments to [email protected]   If we could ask that your reply is received by October 19, 2020 it would be much appreciated

Draft Strategic Plan.pdf 

Implementation Plan-Temagami.pdf

This copy of the Draft Strategic Plan is being made available by Council in the interest of open and transparent government.

The recommendations contained in this Draft Strategic Plan are just that, recommendations, until Council considers these recommendations, debates their merits, and makes decisions on an implementation plan.

Please keep this in mind when reviewing the Draft Strategic Plan.

Thank you

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