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2018 Municipal Election - Financial Statements






BROOKER, Nicole (Nickie)

DWYER, Cathy



HEALY, Andrew


LEUDKE, Barret




YOUNGS, Margaret




Municipal Elections Act, 1996, as amended (section 32)


NOTICE is hereby given to the municipal electors of the Municipality of Temagami that nominations for the 2018 Municipal Election will be accepted for the offices of:

Mayor: One (1) to be elected

Councilor: Six (6) to be elected

Nominations may be made by completing and filing the prescribed nomination form in the Office of the Clerk, in person or by an agent, during regular business hours of 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Tuesday, May 1, 2018 until Thursday, July 26, 2018 and on July 27, 2018 (Nomination Day) between 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Nomination Process

  • Obtain nomination papers from the Municipal Clerk or download and printElection Candidate Nomination - Form 1from the Municipal Website or Ministry of Municipal Affairs website.
  • Complete the form and take it to the office of the Clerk or her Designate.
  • File the completed nomination paper, with original signatures, in person at the Municipal Office by the candidate or by an agent. The nomination paper may not be faxed, mailed or emailed.
  • The prescribed nomination filing fee must be paid at the time of filing the nomination. Payment to the municipality must be made by cash, certified cheque or money order or debit at the municipal office.
  • The nomination filing fee is:
    • $200 for the office of head of council; and
    • $100 for all other offices.

The municipal clerk shall certify or reject the nomination paper by 4 p.m. onMonday, July 30, 2018.

NOTE:A candidate is entitled to a refund of the filing fee if he or she files the required financial documents on or before 2 p.m. on the filing date.

Withdrawal of Candidacy

If a candidate decides to withdraw from the election, he or she must notify the clerk in writing no later than2:00 p.m. on Friday, July 27, 2018.Heor she will still be required to file the required financial documents in order to have the filing fee refunded.


Nomination to More Than One Office

A person may only be a candidate for one office. If a person who is nominated for an office files a second nomination for a different office, the first nomination is deemed to be withdrawn.
If a person’s name appears on more than one ballot and he or she is elected to any of those offices, his or her election is void and the office is vacant.

Changing Offices

If, after filing nomination papers for an office, a candidate decides to seek election to another office on the same municipal council:

  • the first nomination is deemed to be withdrawn at the time the second nomination is filed;
  • the nomination filing fee is transferred to the new office; and
  • if both offices are to be elected by a general vote of all electors in the municipality, contributions received and expenses incurred for the original office are transferred to the new office.


The Municipality of Temagami does not handle nominations for the district school boards. All candidates wishing to file for nomination as a School Board Trustee must file their nomination papers with the lead municipality for the particular school board.

School Board Lead Municipality
District School Board Ontario North East (English Public) City of Temiskaming Shores
Northeastern Catholic District School Board (English Catholic) City of Temiskaming Shores
Conseil Scolaire de District du Nord-Est (French Public) City of Temiskaming Shores
Conseil Scolaire Catholic de District des Grandes Rivieres (French Catholic) Township of Armstrong




Eligibility to Hold Office


It is the responsibility of the candidate to determine whether he or she is qualified to be elected to and hold office, whether for Municipal Council or for School Board. Prospective candidates should read the relevant legislation and regulations for qualifications required for the office, e.g., the Municipal Act, 2001, the Education Act, and the Municipal Elections Act, 1996. These are available online at www.e-laws.gov.on.ca.

Candidates can only be nominated for one office on a municipal council or school board in the Province of Ontario at a time. If person is nominated for a second office, the first nomination is deemed to be withdrawn.

Qualification – Municipal Office

A candidate for municipal office must, upon nomination, be a qualified municipal elector and not be disqualified from being elected to municipal office.
The following persons are disqualified from being elected to municipal office:

  • an employee of a municipality unless he or she
    • takes an unpaid leave of absence before being nominated, and
    • resigns, if elected to the office;
  • a judge of any court;
  • a member of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario, a Senator or a member of the House of Commons*; or
  • an inmate of a penal or correctional institution under sentence of imprisonment.

*a member of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario or the Senate or House of Commons of Canada is not ineligible to be nominated for an office in an election by virtue of being a member of any of those bodies but, if the person is a member of any of those bodies as of the close of nominations on nomination day of the election, the nomination shall be rejected by the clerk under section 35.

NOTE:A candidate, if nominated, must remain qualified throughout the election and, if elected, throughout the term of office.

For more information, please contact:

Sandy Nadeau
Deputy Clerk
7 Lakeshore Drive, Temagami
Phone: 705-569-3421 ext 209
Email:[email protected]


Click on the links below for helpful information for candidates.

• Nomination Paper - Form 1

•Candidates Guide for 2018 - Produced by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing

Municipality of Temagami - Code of Conduct for Council

• Municipality of Temagami - Procedural Bylaw .pdf

• Municipality of Temagami - Terms of Reference for Standing Advisory Committees

• The Municipal Act, 2001

• The Municipal Conflict of Interest Act, 1990

• The Planning Act, 1990

Information for Voters

Who Can Vote In a Municipal Election

A person is entitled to be an elector at an election held in a local municipality, if on voting day he or she is:
• a Canadian citizen;
•at least 18 years old;
•residing in the local municipality or an owner or tenant of land there, or the spouse of such owner or tenant; and
•not otherwise prohibited from voting.

Ineligible Voters

The followingCANNOTvote in a municipal election:
• a person serving a sentence of imprisonment in a penal or correctional institution;
• a corporation; or
• a person acting as executor or trustee or in any other representative capacity, except as a voting proxy in accordance with section 44 of the Municipal Elections Act.
• a person convicted of a corrupt practice for an election held within four years of voting day

Number of Votes

A voter is only entitled to vote once in each municipality even if the voter has more than one qualifying property address within the municipality.

Students and Seasonal Residents

A student may vote in the municipality where he or she is temporarily residing while attending school as well as at his or her permanent home in a different municipality, provided that he or she does not intend to change his or her permanent home.

A seasonal resident may vote in the municipality where the seasonal residence is located as well as at his or her permanent home in a different municipality, provided that he or she meets the eligibility requirements, but only once in each municipality.

The Voters List

The Voters List will be created by the Municipal Clerk from information provided by MPAC on or before September 1, 2018. Before the Voters List is issued, eligible electors may use MPAC'sVoterlookup.cawebsite to determine if they are on MPAC's preliminary list and, if not, to request to be added. After September 1, 2018, eligible electors may apply to the Municipal Clerk to be added. The clerk may require identification from the voter in order to add the voter to the voters’ list. More details on the Voters List will be added to this web page at a later date.

For more information on the eligibility requirements for non-resident or student voters, please consult the Voters’ Guide at the link below, or contact theMunicipal Clerk.

• Voters' Guide for 2018 - Produced by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing

Voters' List

The Voters' List will be produced by September 1, 2018.

Check MPAC's Internet Voter Lookup


Please contact the Municipal Clerk if you require further assistance.

2018 Municipal Elections - Filing of Nomination Papers!

Earlies day is Tuesday, May 1st, 2018 (during the office hours of the Clerk)

Last day is between the hours of 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. on Friday, July 27, 2018


Order Received Name Mayor Council
1 LOWERY, Carol
3 LEUDKE, Barret
4 HEALY, Andrew
5 ADAMS, Doug X
7 GRAHAM, Barry
8 ALCHUK, Mark
9 YOUNGS, Margaret
10 SHYMKO, John
11 MCCARTHY, Janet
12 O'MARA, Dan - Withdrawn.
13 LOWERY, Biff X
14 BROOKER, Nicole
15 DWYER, Cathy
16 O'MARA, Dan X

The Clerk shall examine each nomination that has been filed as follows:

  1. All nominations field on or before the nomination day shall be examined before 4:00 p.m. on the Monday following nomination day (July 30th, 2018).
  2. If satisfied that a person is qualified to be nominated and the nomination complies with the Act, the Clerk shall certify the nomination by signing the nomination paper.
  3. If the number of nominations filed for an office and certified under s. 35 is less than the number of persons to be elected to the office, additional nominations may be filed between 9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m., on the Wednesday following Nomination Day (August 1, 2018).

Please click the PDF document for the 2018 Certified Candidates

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