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  1. Introduction
  2. Get to know the field
  3. Preparing a business plan
  4. Registering your business
  5. Available financing
  6. Taxes and legal requirements
  7. Municipal bylaws
  8. Advertising your business
  9. Management and people
  10. Expanding your business
  1. Introduction

Here at the Municipality of Temagami, we welcome new businesses to our area and want to make the development of your business run smoothly. This section provides you with information on available services in the region and in highlighting what regulations may need to be met.

This section of the website is intended to help businesses achieve their goals through making available a wide range of information, opportunities and support in the area. You can search by organization or use the step-by-step guide that gives you access to websites and information for each step of establishing and operating a business.

  1. Get to know the field

Before you start your venture, it is important to understand the context in which you are placing your business. You should be aware of current trends and/or original ideas in the market. The nature of a new business venture is critical in the business' success, so in-depth research into what could work in your community is key.

The following two links from Canada Business and The Business Development Bank of Canada advise entrepreneurs on market analysis before establishing a business.

Canada Business:

The Business Development Bank of Canada:

  1. Preparing a business plan

Detailed, short and long term business plans can keep your business on track and are essential in proving to potential investors that your business is viable.

Both local and federal agencies provide help on forming a business plan. Canada Business and the Business Development Bank of Canada provide advice and templates for business plans. Local agencies and the Economic Development Office at the Municipality of Temagami can provide one-to-one assistance in reviewing your business plan.

Canada Business:

The Business Development Bank of Canada:

Enterprise Temiskaming:

South Temiskaming Community Futures development Corporation:

  1. Registering your business

Registering your business is a legal procedure that has your business officially recognized. Registering your business also allows you access to corporation income tax, potential funding and other government support programs, to name but a few. This can be done either online with the Canada Revenue Agency or by visiting your local ServiceOntario.

Canada Revenue Agency:

  1. Available financing

As well as private investors, there exists government schemes that allow investment and/or grants in small businesses. If your business meets certain criteria then you could qualify to access these schemes. Government support could take the form of federal or provincial agencies, but in Northern Ontario and especially in the Temagami area, there are opportunities for regional/local government funding.

Canada Business offers further information on what investment opportunities and government financing is available. Below there are also links to local organizations that offer loans/grants if businesses meet certain requirements.

Canada Business:‚Äč

The Business Development Bank of Canada:

Eastern Ontario Development Fund:

Ontario Self-employment benefit:

South Temiskaming Community Futures Development Corporation:

Temiskaming Development Fund Corporation:

  1. Taxes and legal requirements

Taxes and legal requirements are an area that can be confusing to people who are starting new businesses, especially concerning what requirements and laws apply to you. The information presented in this section is not a comprehensive guide for every type of business, therefore it is essential that each new business conduct further research into what legal requirements are applicable to them. It is always advisable to undertake further research in this area and keep your knowledge up to date.

Below is a list of a selection of regulations that may apply to your business. The Canada Revenue Agency has a tool with which you can search for answers to specific questions.

Canada Revenue Agency:



Understanding the GST/HST changes:


Ontario Occupational Licensing Gateway

Regulations, licenses and permits

Regulatory registry:

  1. Municipal bylaws


Before locating your business, you need to verify that the zoning in your area is appropriate for your business' needs. Should you require certain features that are not permitted, then the business may need to be located somewhere else where zoning is appropriate to your needs.

The Comprehensive Zoning Bylaw 06-650 is available from the Temagami Municipal Office and lays out a series of zoning regulations for different types of businesses. Should you wish to apply for a zoning amendment for where you would like to place your business, then you may do so by picking up an application form at the Municipal Office.

Below is information regarding costs and wait periods.

Building permits:

Should you need to build a new structure or modify an existing structure in any way then you need to apply for a building permit before work starts. These are available from the Municipal Office and vary in price according to the work that is to be done.


If the electricity supply, capacity or wiring needs to be altered in any way, you should contact the Electrical Safety Authority to apply for a permit. This organization will also inspect work that is carried out.

  1. Advertising your business

Advertising is crucial in helping the success of your business. There are many avenues within Temagami and the wider area to advertise your business.

The Economic Development Office at the Municipality of Temagami can provide you with a list of local media outlets that you could use to market your business. Once a registered business, you can be added to the Municipality of Temagami's website. Your business will be searchable via Google and you will be given your own personal login information for the website where you can update and/or change any information.

Temagami and District Chamber of Commerce can help you with advertising as well as place your business in the Temagami Guide tourism brochure and on their website. They also organize seminars and training days for members.

Municipality of Temagami:

Temagami and District Chamber of Commerce:

  1. Management and people

Businesses are also able to access support services for their day-to-day management. The Small Business Enterprise Centre offers information that may be useful concerning the management of businesses.

To advertise a position opening up in your business, you could contact the Temagami Employment Resource Centre located downstairs in the Welcome Centre. Canada Business also offers a guide on how to hire employees while respecting equality.

Canada Business

The Small Business Enterprise Centre:

Small Business Agency of Ontario:


  1. Expanding your business

Business expansion can be both an exciting yet stressful time. Fortunately, there are avenues of support open to businesses. South Temiskaming Community Futures Development Corporation and Temiskaming Development Fund Corporation may help to finance the expansion of existing businesses.

South Temiskaming Community Futures Development Corporation:

Temiskaming Development Fund Corporation:

If you have found a website or agency that was particularly helpful in setting up your business that does not appear on this list, please email The Municipality of Temagami's Special Projects Coordinator at

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