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Temagami is the reality that fuels the popular perception of Canada's great Northland: Old growth pine forests, smooth blue waters, white powdery snow and bountiful fish and wildlife. Some of the world's oldest rock has surfaced here, and has been scraped and smoothed by centuries of glaciation. Artifacts and stone drawings dating back as far back as 6000 B.C. have been discovered here.  Grey Owl, the mysterious naturalist who captured the world's imagination back in the 1930's, has become a part of the Temagami Landscape. Over the centuries, people have been drawn to the area as if by a magnet. Temagami is truly a place of mystical magic, an adventurer's mecca.

Temagami is pronounced: "Te-MAWG-a-mee" (the word is Ojibway for "deep water by the shore"). This place has lifted the spirits and captured the imagination of generations of indigenous peoples and for traders, trappers, naturalists, painters, poets, photographers, film-makers, and tourists. If you have yet to Experience Temagami, you simply don't know what you're missing.

Temagami, the gateway to Ontario's wilderness region as one travels north along Highway #11, is the reality that fuels the popular perception of Canada's great northland. Temagami has old growth pine forests, smooth blue waters, brilliantly white powder snow, and bountiful fish and wildlife. 

Temagami is truly an adventurer's mecca. This area is legendary for its canoeing, back country hiking, camping, fishing, and snowmobiling. Visitors who spend time in the community can challenge themselves by climbing the fire tower, tour the restored historic train station, enjoy lunch at one of the popular restaurants, visit a boutique or outfitter along the way, or just take it easy with a picnic at the community waterfront.

Temagami is a pleasant town where friendly faces eagerly welcome you.

Temagami's Vivacious Winters

Some may think of winter as a good time to hibernate, but those who have experienced a Temagami winter know otherwise. With a variety of activities to suit the needs of all ages, bundling up to go outside will no longer be a chore.

Residents and visitors enjoy cross country skiing on frozen lakes or groomed trails, snowmobiling in the copious amounts of powdered snow, ice fishing with friends and family, snowshoeing the blanketed White Bear Forest Trails, an exciting day of tobogganing on one of Temagami's hills, & campfire shore lunches while indulging in any of these exhilarating outdoor activities.

Temagami's "things to do" list doesn't end in the summer; it nearly doubles in the winter.

White Bear Forest Hiking Trails

One of the most accessible stands of old growth pine is found in the White Bear Forest located within minutes of the town of Temagami. It was declared a conservation reserve by the Ministry of Natural Resources in June 1996.

The forest is named after the White Bear Family (or Wabimakwa in the Ojibway language) who used this land for their traditional hunting grounds. Archeological carbon-dated evidence proves that these trail systems were used approximately 6000 years ago. These spectacular trails range in levels of difficulty and length and are just one of Temagami's many trail systems.

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