Temagami Fire Department


  • STRUCTURAL FIRES: Provide exterior suppression. Interior fire suppression will only be performed if sufficient trained firefighters and approved equipment are on site.
  • WILD LAND FIRES: (grass / brush / forest fires): Under a Municipal Forest Fire Management Agreement, the MNR provides forest fire suppression within the Crown Protection Area of the municipality. The Fire Department is the primary response agency for the Municipal Protection Area, and will also respond to assist MNR in values protection within our department's response area.

HIGHWAY ACCIDENTS: Provide basic auto extrication, vehicle fire suppression, and assistance to Ambulance Service at major incidents.

HAZARDOUS MATERIAL RESPONSE: Provide a defensive, identify and contain the perimeters' response until specialized HAZ-MAT team arrives.


  • MEDICAL ASSIST: activated by ambulance services ONLY. Trained in Basic first aid and CPR (including Automatic Deliberator); assist the ambulance services at major incidents and provide medical assistance (non-specialized training) when ambulance services are unavailable for life-threatening emergencies.
  • SHORE BASED RESCUE: Trained to provide shore base rescue within/adjacent our response area, our firefighters are not trained or equipped to enter the water or perform rescue where required to go out on the ice. (ice-water rescue)
  • CARBON MONOXIDE: Fire Dispatch will provide information for occupant's safety as the immediate response. The department will investigate the alarm and using specialized monitors verify if there is any carbon monoxide present, and attempt to identify the source. Often what ever caused the alarm may not be present with firefighters arrive. Be prepared to answer some questions to help determine the cause of the alarm. If they suspect the problem is gas fired appliance related, they may request a qualified repair service or the gas company be contacted immediately

ASSIST TO OTHERS (public / agencies)

  • EMERGENCY: The department will respond to other such emergencies (with-in the department's "trained and equipped" capabilities) as may be deemed necessary by the fire chief or designate where immediate action is necessary to preserve and protect life and property.
  • NON EMERGENCY: Subject to the approval the fire chief, and the availability of trained fire department members, the department may provide manpower and/or equipment, as long as, in the opinion of the fire chief, the ability to provide emergency response is not compromised. Fees for services provided may be requested.
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